Cookie Bakke

President / LocSec

“As a long-time investigator by trade, my strongest weapon/secret power was that (get ready) ... I looked dumb. (It's amazing what people will say when they think that the person, they are saying it to is too stupid to process information.) I was able to super-charge that weapon by speaking in mono-syllable words. Once the cuffs were on, so to speak, I'd break out the three, four and five syllable words and feel a certain glee as I watched the jaws drop. That was the yang. Mensa was the yin. My very survival depended upon the balance. I've recently slowed down my crook-chasing and now can spend more time nourishing my brain.
Age and injuries no longer allow me to run in high heels or hop fences, but nothing can stop me from broadening my mental horizons. That's why I'm here. And, in fact, it's probably why we're all here. Bring it on!”

Szilard Nathan Vegas

Vice President / Assistant LocSec

“I joined Mensa in 2018 and I have been an active member ever since. I am a serial entrepreneur and I also have a working relationship with nonprofit organizations. Seeing the world and broadening my horizons has always been my passion and proud to say to have visited over 80 countries. I am very passionate about making our local community a better one and a big believer in giving back to the community through volunteerism and creating alternative ways to raise funds for nonprofits. Another goal of mine is to create an environment for our members where they can easily connect with others here at the Southern Nevada Mensa and participate in the various events that we will organize in the near future.”

Siobhan Abrams

Membership Officer

Patrick Wilson


Eric Rebstock

Meals Coordinator

Harriett Walker

Scholarship Chair

Judith Hogan

Area Coordinator

Kimberly Bakke


Rose Kolassiba


Terry Smith


Len Krick

Program Chair

Kevin Baculi

PR Coordinator

Dan Egan


Jamie Fairclough

Gifted Children