The hotel’s ‘full refund’ cancellation policy is that you must cancel 48 hours in advance of anticipated arrival.

 It's About Time II
Mission IMpossible
But not for a group of determined Mensans!

Southern Nevada Mensa Regional Gathering

March 17-19, 2023



Until 03/11/2023: $111.11


Ages 5 and under: FREE!

Ages 6-15: $45.00

Ages 16-20: $60.00




03/17/2023 (Friday): $40

03/18/2023 (Saturday): $60

03/19/2023 (Sunday): $45


Ages 5 and under: FREE!

Ages 6-15: $20

Ages 16-20: $30

(All children 0-17 must be accompan ied by an adult.)

Remember that RG in March of 2020? You know, the one with more than 200 pre-registered? The one that got CANCELLED five days before it began due to the official governmental declaration of a "pandemic?" Yeah, THAT ONE!

The timing was both bad and good. Bad because members of Southern Nevada Mensa had worked so hard. Good because it allowed us to invoke our (hotel) contract "Force Majeure" clause. For those of you unfamiliar with sneaky hotel contracts, that clause is very specific. In short it reads that if some unforeseen "event" takes place (and makes it impossible to perform all the other sneaky things that essentially translate to "Your group will perform as promised or the hotel will eat your entire treasury,") there is no penalty to the Group for cancelling. It also ensures that we will not lose our hefty deposit if we re-book as soon as the "event" is over.  Well, it was/is over, and we rebooked late in October.

Here comes the truly iMpossible stuff:

Las Vegas is BOOMING right now. Anything near the Strip fills up every weekend. Room rates start at about $300 a night (yes, even Circus Circus!) and run up to well over a thousand.  However, if you call Alexis Park, inquiring about the weekend of March 17-19, 2023, and say the magic words “MENSA2023”, you will get a pleasant surprise. We’re getting darn close to our long ago negotiated 2020 room rates.   This is an all-suite hotel, very recently remodeled throughout, and darn near perfect for our needs. An iMpossible find! Google "Alexis Park + Las Vegas” and look for yourself.

 Alexis Park Reservations Line is 800-582-2228.

Group code: Mensa2023.





Siobhan Abrams

Bachelor Degree in Information Systems, Masters of Education in Instructional Technology, 20+ years in computer engineering, 13+ year background in cybersecurity (Software analyst for Message Sniffer anti-spam filter, Certified Ethical “Grey Hat” Hacker for HackerOne, Google vulnerability Bug Hunter), Self-taught Blockchain Developer, operating 2 full bitcoin nodes since 2014 (Bitcore and, member of Crowddoing Crypto Impact collaboration team. (We are researching both early stage and fully deployed blockchain Sustainable Development Goals in order to build a course based on cryto impact use cases)


Eliya Azoulay

Eliya Azoulay is the Operations Manager of Expert Digital Forensics. This unique firm works with individuals, the Public Defender's offices, and Government Agencies in a quest to uncover information and truth. How? Through e-discovery and expert analysis of cell phones, laptops, iPads, home security cameras -- anything that holds electronic data.


Cookie Bakke

Cookie is a licensed Private Investigator with a specialty in casework in the categories of Fraud and Crime. She's both an investigator and a victim advocate.


Alan Berman

Alan produced and edited a 23-episode improv show and two improvised short films which appeared on public access cable. He’s a software developer and a member of Southern Nevada Mensa. 


Martin Burns

NV Bar '96. Gaming Lawyer over 30years. Certified Tantric Educator & worked under 6 schools


Sean Carpini

Author, Poet, Philosopher, Professor's Assistant, Riverside City College, English Composition, Tour Guide/Docent/Arcaeologist/Historioan Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery, Colton California, Apple Farmer, Tour Guide, Historical re-enactor, Owner NACEA History Tours, Carpenter, Farmer.


Jason Civalleri

Jason Civalleri, Esq. is an expert in data privacy and blockchain who has been working in them decentralized space for nearly five years. As an attorney, he represents some of the most renowned exchanges, organizations, and start-ups working to bring us closer to a decentralized future. He is also the Chief Compliance Officer of MyCrypto, a prominent "wallet" serving the Ethereum blockchain community. Jason is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire, where he teaches law students and practicing attorneys about the intersection of blockchain and data privacy regulation. Jason was a Co-Founder of the Splytcore Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to using blockchain technology to take down Amazon with easier, safer, more private, and cheaper online retail e-commerce experiences.


Patty Civalleri

Globally award-winning author Patty Civalleri, aka Indiana Jones in High Heels, spent 17 years in the world of archaeology. She traveled the world in search of lost and ancient cultures, and she did so with the world's foremost archaeologists and scientists in the field. As a 17-year Director's Council member of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA, Civalleri has written and photographed for their prestigious annual publication. Additionally, Civalleri, with a vast take on history, has re-modeled the way we travel with her fantastic new series of Italy Travel Books. These books have gleaned 13 awards globally, and she now investigates new destinations to re-think. A cook, singer and classical pianist, Civalleri resides in Long Beach, Ca, and acts as the Commodore of the Alamitos Bay Chargers, a Duffy Boat club. She lives with her husband and feisty little dog, Cairo.


Jason Coleman

Master Beer Judge, certified Cicerone and Home Brewer for 15 years.


Michael DePiero

Avid practice of “Yogi-ism” for many years.


Morgan Diosa

Morgan Diosa has been dominant and experimental with her partners since puberty. As she came into adulthood she attracted more experienced mentors who guided her on her BDSM journey. She has been mentored by other dominatrixes, shibari masters, hypnotists, and has even been educated by Emory University professors on psychology and the vascular system. While Morgan takes pride in practicing and teaching healthy, harmless Risk Aware Consensual Kink, she approaches BDSM with an energy of playfulness and improvisation. She is enthusiastic about encouraging others to bring play into the bedroom and is prepared to teach you how!


Dr.Keith Fairclough

Doctorate of Education, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Clinical Professional Counselor, Qualified Supervisor


L Burke Files

I am an international financial investigator. I have run cases in 136 countries and worked in 107. I have chased recovery from frauds from a few hundred thousand to over 20 billion. I have authored six books, including Due Diligence for The Financial Professional, 2nd Ed. I also regularly lecture on and teach certification courses on Advance Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption, and Due Diligence.


James Green

Retired Police Captain, Owner since 2014 Nevada Cannabis business, MA Criminal Justice, Boston University, FBI National Acadamey Graduate, Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command graduate.


Dr.Robert Hamblen

"Doctor Bob" is a retired Orthopedic MD/Surgeon who graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California. With "no ponies in the race," he tells it like it is. (Just like he always did!)


Rachel Kibler



Rose Kolassiba

The editor of the Southern Nevada Mensa monthly publication, MindBets. Her dream is to become an editor of a large magazine and she is on her way on that journey. She has selflessly served Southern Nevada Mensa and greatly appreciated by all of our members. 


Keli Lebsock

Cannabis Dispensary/Retail Manager


Dr.Richard Lederer

Rich Lederer, Ph.D., is the long-time language columnist for the Mensa Bulletin. He is the author of 50 books about language, history, and humor, including his best-selling Anguished English series and his current book, The Joy of Names. Four of his books were published by Las Vegas's own Imbrifex Books in 2021. Dr. Lederer is a founding co-host of “A Way With Words,” broadcast on Public Radio. He has been named International Punster of the Year and Toastmasters International’s Golden Gavel winner.


Marguerite Morris

Masters in Formational Children and Youth Ministries - problem with this is that every parent in America thinks they also have a Masters in it. Experienced seminar and conference planner and speaker.


Cappi Pidwell

Cappi Pidwell is a powerful speaker and a leading expert in human behavior as a Master of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Advanced Hypnotherapy and a Master Results Coach. She has been studying mindset mastery for over two decades and has worked with thousands of individuals, associations and corporations such as: Re-Max Real Estate, First American Title, Keller Williams, AARP, SCORE, Women’s Counsel of Realtors, WFG, Merrill Lynch, Signature Insurance, Century 21, Berkshire Hathaway, Wells Fargo, Hoag Hospital, E-Woman Network, OCAR, and Invest Club for Women to name just a few. She was featured in the film “The Riches” along with T. Harv Eker and Brian Tracey and opened for Deepak Chopra in 2015. Cappi is the co-author to the books: · Giving Gratitude · The Riches · The Heart of a Woman in Business She has also been featured on: · TV shows & · Radio Shows


Norm Rooker

Paramedic, fire-fighter and rescue specialist for nearing FIFTY years ... and he can STILL pass the "Carry a 45 pound backpack!"


Wayne Ryder

From Navy Submarine Pilot to LV Food & Beverage Management to Hair Stylist.


Dearl Sneed

Thirty years in the automotive industry. Specialized in radiators, truck trailers, welding, fabrication, assembly building, repairs, you name it.


Shannan Stearns

Has spoken at multiple RGs and AGs (same topic).


Gower Talley

Vegas Vlogger


Simone van Egeren

Simone van Egeren joined Mensa in 1985, when a friend persuaded her to attend a Northern New Jersey Mensa event. She was skeptical until entered the room and joined the dirty jokeoff. She is currently Chair of the AML History Committee, LocSec/President of San Diego Mensa, as well as Archivist for her chapter. She credits Mensa with bringing her some of her best times, best friends, and best life partner.


Harriett Walker

A teacher for more than 40 years, most recently with the Clark County School District as a special education teacher. Now retired, however, continues substitute teaching with Clark County. She has served as scholarship chair for Southern Nevada Mensa for a number of years. 


Melanie Warner

Defining Moments Press, Inc Real people solving real problems Melanie Warner is a bestselling author, speaker, publisher and entrepreneur. She is the founder of the new Defining Moments book series that offer positive stories of hope and healing from people who have overcome extreme challenges in life. Warner was a successful magazine publisher for over 20 years and then tragedy hit her family when her son died. That emotional shut down led to divorce, shutting down her company, then bankruptcy, foreclosure and even tax court. What had taken her 20 years to build was gone over night. She had to rebuild her entire life from scratch - and found a way to do it in only 2 years. This experience inspired her to write the first book of the series - Defining Moments: Coping With the Loss of a Child as a resource for bereaved families. She had a major publishing deal with books in 6,000 book stores across the country. But many major book stores filed bankruptcy and she never got paid for her book deal - even after 3 years and selling thousands of books. So she took back her own rights, published her own book & it hit bestseller in only 2 weeks. After that, she was inundated with requests to help others get their book completed, published and marketed. She teaches people how to write a book that is profitable and how to align it with a business that makes a difference for others. As a writer, Warner has a collective readership of 3 million readers each month. She also owns magazines and is a frequent TV and radio guest, sharing stories from her books. She hosts a weekly TV show called Defining Moments that allows other people to share their own “Defining Moments” and inspiring stories.  Melanie is also a master life and business coach who helps people use simple tools for self-healing, managing fear and overcoming life-changing setbacks.


Brad Williams

I'm a radio reporter who has been studied by UC-Irvine and others for "superior" memory skills (HSAM). I'm also the subject of the documentary "Unforgettable," which has been shown at MENSA gatherings.


Maureen Zappala Maureen Zappala, an award -winning speaker, author and founder of High Altitude Strategies, works with highly educated and smart people to show them how to overcome the hidden self-doubt of the Impostor Syndrome. A native of NYC, she has a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, and she spent more than 13 years at NASA’s Lewis Research Center in Cleveland (now Glenn Research Center) conducting aircraft engine research. Yes, she’s a “rocket scientist!” She became the youngest and first female manager of NASA’s Propulsion Systems Laboratory, a jet engine test facility. Despite stellar credentials and accomplishments at NASA, the annoying Impostor Syndrome was her constant companion, causing her to think, “I’m not as smart as everyone thinks I am, and they’re going to figure it out!” This led to her passion of helping successful and smart people silence those condemning voices that stand in the way of embracing their success and advancing in their world. She teaches them to match their confidence to their competence so they have more influence. Audience members have called her strategies “game changers.” In 2009, she was in the top 10 of 30,000 contestants in the Toastmaster International World Championship of Public Speaking contest. As a presentation coach, she works with people who want to launch their speaking skills to the next level. She is the author of 4 books, including her most recent one “Pushing Your Envelope: How Smart People Defeat Self-Doubt and Live with Bold Enthusiasm.” She co-authored (with Jack Park) “Buckeye Reflections: Legendary Moments from Ohio State Football” (yes, she’s an Irish Buckeye!)

REGISTRATION: We are sticking to our registration rates (from 2020.)  

If you are one of the 13 people who said “Keep it” when the planned 2020 event was cancelled, we appreciate it and your registration for 2023 is comped.

If you were registered for the 2020 event and received a full refund, your 2023 registration cost will be the same as it was in 2020. 
 New registrations prior to the actual event are $111.11. Payment at the door is $125.00.

GUESTS: While RGs are generally a ‘members only’ event, we do welcome sponsored guests. This would include spouses, children, and friends who might qualify to be future members. In fact, we encourage it. Guest registration is the same as member registration. Child rate (5-16) $45.

FREE AIRPORT SHUTTLE: If you plan to fly to LAS, there is a free shuttle to Alexis Park on the half hour. Alternatively, if you’re impatient, grab an Uber or Lyft. It’s not FREE, but it is very inexpensive because Alexis Park is within about two miles of the airport.

PLAYERS: Alexis Park is a non-gaming conference facility. If you want to PLAY, the Virgin Hotel & Casino is directly across the street.  Look both ways and then go win, win, win.

FOOD CHOICES IN THE IMMEDIATE AREA: Estimate? Probably 30-40 within a block or two. White Castle, Dunkin Donuts, Smoothies, and the list goes on.  Plus, there is one restaurant IN the Resort.

SPEAKERS -- Two FULL Speaker Tracks beginning at 9 AM Friday and running through the afternoon on Sunday. We’ve got some great stuff lined up!

HANDICAP ACCESS: Alexis Park is a two-story facility spread through about 16 or 18 buildings. If you have issues, simply request a main floor room close to the main building.


Meeting and Conference rooms + Resort map

Dining and Hotel Amenities + Resort map



POOL: Bring your bathing suit.  The March weather here is usually great. Fingers crossed.



HOSPITALITY: Guess what? We have a wide-open BYO contract with Alexis Park, so there will be food-food and snack-food and junk-food around the clock in both of our hospitality suites. There are no organized sit down meals planned because we only have hospitality seating for 100 at one time – so plan to instead come grab a hot dog, a cup of soup, chili, casseroles, sandwich fixings, deserts, or anything else that shows up in our revolving crockpots (we have 13) or our roaster ovens (we have 3) and our platters (we have 3,278, at least.) There will be the usual array of soft drinks from our very own gigantic Pepsi machine that delivers a can of soda for a nickel. We will provide the nickels! Caveat: Food/drink is not allowed in the convention areas. Make that NOT.

ALCOHOL: Want something harder than a soft drink? We have two two-story private suites and a healthy supply of “harder stuff.” (Adults only, of course.) Or feel free to bring a bottle to share. Note: Las Vegas has a Dispensary on every corner, including one within a block, but ‘using’ on hotel property is a no-no. If that’s your preference, take a walk....

GAMES ROOM: SNVM has not hosted an RG in more than 20 years, so we only have 4 big boxes of games. Hopefully we’ll have more by RG time. So, YES, there will be a games area.

KID’S PROGRAM: Jamie Fairclough is putting together a full Kid’s Day of Programs on Saturday the 18th, 9 am to 5 pm, for children between the ages of 5 to 16.   A parent or other designated responsible adult must be on the premises, with a cell phone, in case of emergency. Questions? Contact Jamie directly at Note: This is not a babysitting service. Child Registration fee is $20.00.

FOR THOSE DRIVING IN: Free onsite parking – a true rarity in Las Vegas.

FOR THOSE TAKING THE TRAIN: Fooled you, we don’t have passenger trains here. Re-Test.

FOR THOSE FLYING IN: What airlines fly to LAS? Pretty much ALL of them. Of course, the major ones, Delta, American, Alaska, United, Southwest, but check out Jet Blue, Spirit, Frontier, Sun Country, Allegiant. The market is highly competitive, so look for the deals.

PRIZES: We have donations from three “players” who are all downsizing their stash. They have donated about a million new/boxed items of significant value. We’re not talking key chains, luggage tags and cards; we’re talking seriously good stuff. Which brings us to the next subject … volunteers.

VOLUNTEERS: RGs do not just happen. They are fueled by the efforts of volunteers. Please find time during this event to give us a few hours of help.



Co-Chairs: Courtney Seiter

                     Cookie Bakke

Mr. Everything Chair: Szilard Nathan Vegas

Ms. Everyhthing Chair: Tracey Moore

Program Chair: Len Krick

Hospitality Chair: Kim Bakke

Kid’s Track: Jamie Fairclough

Registration Badges: Siobahn Abrams

Security: John Ormond / George Cooper

Treasurer: Patrick J. Wilson

We still have a few open positions, so call Courtney 626-298-3473 or Cookie Bakke at 714-588-8928.


©Copyright 1965 – 2023 Southern Nevada Mensa . All Rights Reserved.